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The   Tutoring Ministry

Grades K-12

Where learning is taken to another level

We are here to provide the youth of Morning Star as well as the surrounding community with the resources they need to succeed academically, while nurturing their God given skills and talents!

Main areas of focus:


This includes algebra, geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication; etc


This includes history, american history, world history, civics, government; etc


This includes reading, writing, spelling, literature, vocabulary, word building, etc;


This includes chemistry, biology, earth science, physics, ecology, basic science; etc

What we offer



We offer the necessary resources one may need in their area of study to have scholastic success



We will inspire students to use their God given abilities and talents to achieve their academic goals


Serve & Encourage

We work to serve and encourage students parents as they support the educational pursuits of their children

Our services are provided upon request, please see Pastor Henderson or Rev. Bartee to schedule sessions

Looking to  become a tutor ?  

We are seeking members of Morning Star who possess the knowledge and ability to tutor students in subjects taught within schools. Please contact the ministry coordinator Rev. Derek Bartee or Pastor Henderson! We are always looking for new members to join this ministry and become a tutor!

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