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The Computer Ministry


To provide technological support and expertise to MSMBC staff and other ministries conducting business. The computer ministry supports the overall mission and vision statement of the church by ministering to the body of Christ thru offering technology based assistance and training.


We are to maintain the maintenance of the churches technology infrastructure, including church mainframe/servers, email, website, and visual technology. We are in charge of the organization and security of all technology within MSMBC. We implement training for our computers/devices as well.


  1. Member of the body of  MSMBC, that attends church on a regular basis

  2. The ability to utilize technological equipment (training is provided as needed)

  3. Devotion to completing all training (intermediate level training in PC troubleshooting, software/hardware installation, web development) and carrying out the ministries responsibilities 

Ministry Leader: Deacon Israel Hill

Technical Support: Rev. Derek Bartee



  • There are no upcoming events

Website Director: Maranda Henderson

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