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The Singles Ministry

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Reverend Derek Bartee, the Associate Minister of Singles has been an active leader since 2010. He aspires to help Christian Singles grow in their spiritual, social, and personal lives thru ministering to the needs of all Christian singles.



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We are a vital ministry and active in various ministries within the church. We use our experience to encourage others in Christ. We as a whole aspire to provide a fellowship that fosters individual wholeness through a relationship with God. 

Who are we?

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We meet on the 2nd Sunday of every month following the 11 am worship service. We hold several gatherings either at the church or local restaurants. On the 4th weekend of July, we host a Singles Weekend. 

When do we meet?

Our Objectives:


To encourage single adults to find and follow Jesus Christ


To seize the opportunity to minister to each type of single person (i.e. single parents, widows, widowers, divorced singles, and others)


To provide a ministry that is versatile and complete in Jesus Christ


To offer members the opportunity to minister the Word to other singles, the entire church body, and the community by using their talents and gifts from God


To promote social activity between singles that is both spiritually and socially enriching

Singles Got Talent

Information and dates coming soon!

Decorative Lighting

Personal Hygiene Drive

During MSMBC's annual Fashion Share, we the Singles Ministry host a personal hygiene drive to collect products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, etc to donate to those who are in need of these items. We collect these items during the month of October leading up to Fashion Share. There will be a collection bin for these items in the fellowship hall. See Rev. Bartee for further details!

Bath Brush and Soap

Coming Soon...

  • Workshops and seminars to better understand the role of singles in the body of Christ

  • Fellowship opportunities with local churches and their single ministry members

  • Bowling outing against the Marriage Ministry

  • Establishment of an ongoing outreach program with the community

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