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The Sunday School Ministry


Children can enjoy learning about God through creative crafts and discussions. All catered to their level of understanding to insure they know the glories of God!


 Activities are lead by their teachers as they can relate to real life situations teens may face in their lives. Discussions are lead by the teens on a given scripture to give them a deeper understanding of God's word!


Adults 18+ will learn through open discussions lead by their teachers as they work to understand the Bible from beginning to end. Together they aim to answer all questions that arise so all my leave with a better knowledge on God's word!

Sunday School Lessons

Sunday School books are available for pick up at the church. If you are not able to pick up a copy before class on Sunday, please contact the church to arrange a time to pick up your book.

The Team!



Pictured left to right: Mrs.Perry, Mr. McLean, Mrs. Hicks, Ms. Leak, Mr. Bartee, Mr. Morris.

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