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The Lord has truly blessed the Missionary Ministry of Morning Star!
The Lord has blessed the Missionary Ministry in many ways over the years. Every victory that has come in the past and every possibility for greater service in the future belongs to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Missionary Ministry of service continues to support the MSMBC Food Pantry along with our church members, restocking & distributing food as needed. (Matthew 25:35)
Cards are sent for: Thinking of you; Get well, Bereavement,  etc. to members and non-members.
Well check phone calls and hospital visits are made as needed. We make visits to area nursing/rehabilitation homes regularly and a brief service with one of our Associate Ministers is provided. Thanksgiving baskets are issued and we support the Annual Fashion Share Ministry and Depths of Love project.
Our outreach also includes weekly volunteer hours at the Urban Ministry of Durham in the clothing/food pantry. We are active members of the Durham County Missionary Union and the New Hope Ministry Baptist Association.
We are grateful for the continued support of our church family, and guidance from our Pastor, Rev. William A. Henderson, Sr. We thank God that we are able to tell and show others of the goodness of God, may He continue to bless us with a willing spirit to serve. We owe all that we have and do to the Lord because of His blessings. Our monthly meeting schedule is the third Saturday of each month at 11:00AM in the church fellowship hall. "We enter to worship and depart to serve."
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