We will be re-opening on November 7, 2021 for Sunday School and 11:00AM service! Sunday School and the Sunday sermon will be LIVE on our YouTube channel. You can access our YouTube Channel by selecting the button located above.

We are praying to support at least 4 families for this Christmas holiday. Please make donations to this year's Depths of Love ministry. The deadline for donations is December 5, 2021.


To be a loving and encouraging church that aids to build an individuals relationship with God and with the body of believers.

Here at Morning Star all are welcome. No matter where you are in life, there will be a word delivered to inspire and uplift you in knowing Jesus Christ.

Holding Hands

4610 Fayetteville Rd.

Durham, NC 27713




A new video will be coming soon! 


Please leave the upper deck for the handicapped, there are two lower decks with available parking!


  • High energy church services

  • Powerful sermons

  • Amazing choir

  • Excellent Children's Church

  • Loving church family 

  • 9:45A - Sunday School

  • 11:00A - Sunday Service


For children ages 4-12,

available on every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sunday of the month!

Please be in prayer for Sisters Adeline Williams and Jennifer Bunting and family in the loss of their Father. Homegoing information is below.

Funeral Arrangements for Walter Williams


Cofield Funeral Home

503 West 3rd Street

Weldon, NC 27890


(Tuesday 10/19 @11:00AM)

First Baptist Church

301 West 3rd Street

Weldon, NC 27890


Expectations When We Re-open!

November 2021

(Provided infection rate drops below 6%)

Please note that there will be certain expectations when attending any service, meeting, or Bible Study class. Please note our policies below...


1. Anyone attending ANY MSMBC event MUST wear a mask! Since the church is

    viewed as a private institution we are able to require masks for all church events.

2. For anyone fully vaccinated we will still require you to wear a mask. Due to the

    fact that children are not able to be vaccinated we will require this out of concern

    for the children as well as for your own health. In the event someone should

    contract COVID-19 the church cannot be held accountable.

3. We will shut down again should the COVID-19 situation become worse enough

    that restrictions are put back in place by the Federal, State, or local governments.


Though social distancing is no longer required, we will still be requiring social distancing (minimum of 3 feet) for all MSMBC related events. Please respect everyone and continue to practice social distancing. If you are not yet vaccinated, we encourage you to get vaccinated to protect yourself as well as your brothers and sisters in Christ.

All ministries may resume their meetings but please talk with the pastor prior to resuming. We are asking ministries to meet in the fellowship hall where there is extra space to practice social distancing. We want to celebrate! As I said before, God always has a remnant left from which He will rebuild. Let's be a part of His remnant and REINVIGORATE one another as well as any visitors with His Word!

There will be one way into and out of the church for all worship services. ALL will enter through the vestibule and we encourage the use of the touch-less hand sanitizing stations that will be set up for everyone to use.

ALL Morning Star events (Special days, special events, etc.) have been cancelled for the remainder of this year. We will still respect and honor the budget put in place for 2021 by the members of Morning Star.