All actvities are still cancelled.

Please scroll to the bottom for updates concerning the re-opening of Morning Star for public worship. I will be updating the information there as time progresses. Please continue to pray for one another and for your Pastor. God is still on the throne and still blessing all His children.

As things "seem" to drag on we must remember to remain faithful to Him who is still being faithful to us! Rest in His promises! Believe His Word! He WILL DO what He said He would do! This is only a test! Follow this link and be inspired in the midst of all you are going through! It's Only A Test


Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. - Revelation 14:12 (KJV)

To be a loving and encouraging church that aids to build an individuals relationship with God and with the body of believers.

Here at Morning Star all are welcome. No matter where you are in life, there will be a word delivered to inspire and uplift you in knowing Jesus Christ.

4610 Fayetteville Rd.

Durham, NC 27713



March 28, 2020

How to Watch Bible Study Webcasts

Go to the top of this page and click on the brown "FAITH" icon on the top right. This will take you to Morning Star's YouTube Channel. From there you should see the LIVE webcast. Just click on it with your mouse and you should be able to view it. Make sure you have your speakers on and the volume turned up enough for you to hear. Today is a trial run, and if you have trouble viewing please email me and let me know. Check back here for updates! I hope to do this every Wednesday at Noon and 7:00 PM.
March 28, 2020 until ???

Sermons and Preaching

We will continue to preach just as God has told us to! But since we cannot get together for worship I invite each of you to come to our website or our YouTube channel to hear the latest sermons. I will post one sermon per Sunday until this pandemic is abated. Just click on the "Recent Sermons" option from the menu at the top of this page, or you can go to Morning Star's YouTube Channel to view and hear the sermons. May God bless us all during this time of crisis.

2020 Richard Donaldson Scholarship Winners

July 13, 2020

Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church is proud to announce our 2020 Richard T. Donaldson scholarship winners! Congratulations to Mark Alkins, Jr. (Buddy), and to Maranda Henderson! We are grateful to all who contribute to our being able to provide scholarships to our aspiring youth. Please join with us in praying for their success throughout their college years. 


A new video will be coming soon! 


Please leave the upper deck for the handicapped, there are two lower decks with available parking!


  • High energy church services

  • Powerful sermons

  • Amazing choir

  • Excellent child care

  • Loving church family 


For children ages 4-12,

available on every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sunday of the month!


Jan 12th @10:00AM

All heads of  auxiliaries are required to attend.


Preparations for Re-opening

June 21, 2020

As we begin to look at re-opening the church, we are watching the current numbers for COVID-19 in NC. The number of confirmed cases continues to rise, therefore we are not looking at re-opening any time soon. We understand one reason for the numbers rising is that more testing is being done. Part of these numbers are from people who have had COVID-19 and recovered. If we re-open too soon, it is still possible for one who has had the disease to infect another who has not. Therefore we must be even more careful to re-open.

Once we re-open, there will be one way into and out of the church. We will use the vestibule and will have touch-less sanitizing stations set up for members to use. Each member will be asked to wear a mask and the seating arrangements will be different as we will be implementing social distancing.

We will also be implementing our own form of contact tracing. This means we will be keeping a record of who sat where in the church just in case someone unfortunately tests positive. We would contact the member(s) who were seated near that individual informing them of the need to self-quarantine for 2 weeks.

We feel this will help to prevent an outbreak within the church body.

For now, please note that the following Morning Star events are cancelled:

1. Singles' Sunday - Cancelled

2. Worship in the Park - Cancelled

3. Community Cookout - Cancelled

4. Revival - Cancelled

 There will be more to follow.....

Of Durham

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